le monde 2014 paris photo 2014
Le Monde  13.11.2014    Dialog 3  1973  special edition of 1.000  79€   edition.priskapasquer.com/sh/ Aussi pour Sophie (tumblrwork 2014), Paris Photo 2014


Le Monde


Rudolf Bonvie:
“In my Tumblr works, I am examining the changing perception of my artistic work in the World Wide Web.
While visitors to my homepage were only passive observers (Web 1.0), they can now –
thanks to today’s social media software – “like” my pictures or “share” or “reblog” them
by integrating them directly in their own homepage (Web 2.0).
Through an architecture that facilitates direct participation, the perception of my works is changing –
suddenly they are being seen on someone else’s homepage in a wholly different context.
People’s own images come together with other people’s to form a new dynamic.
This flood of images means that the generation of 16- to 24-year-old Tumblr users have new ways of seeing things. The huge volume of images rushing past them does not exhaust them – on the contrary,
they love swimming in images, occasionally singling out one or two to reblog.
Their perceptive faculties are faster – their eyes are keener.
This raises the following questions:
- Given this fleeting mass of images, does this generation still have a need for a picture on the wall?
- For something they can touch?
- For something static? Something that they can’t click away?
Everyone takes high-quality photographs, everyone posts them online – everyone joins in.
How do traditional photography and vintage prints react to these circumstances?”